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My Guarantee

Through the years, we have developed a reputation based on honesty, integrity, and a sincere concern for every client. We have been licensed South Florida painters since 1990.

I personally guarantee that all work will be completed on a timely basis and in a professional manner. Past projects have included high rise/mid rise exteriors, custom homes, new construction, as well as all facets of the commercial and residential repaint industry. No project is too big, nor detail too small.

As an unlimited licensed painting company, we have unparalleled experience from preparation to application. This enables us to evaluate all client’s needs to recommend the correct coatings and procedures to provide extraordinary results. We use only the finest materials from the major paint manufacturers insuring a long lasting professional look.

The staff and I at All About Painting guarantee you 100% satisfaction and want to thank you in advance for your painting consideration.

Kind Regards,
Gary Drigo

Exterior Painting

We use only the highest quality paints available from premium paint manufacturers. Our surface preparation techniques and expertise surpasses standard procedures.


Using products unavailable at hardware stores, we create a paint-to-surface bond that will withstand the toughest conditions and ensure your home will look its best well into the future. For homes undergoing restoration this typically involves a surface compaction process that eliminates the primary cause of paint-adhesion failure.

As with interior painting, we provide our color consulting expertise. This includes the preparation of large color test areas adjoining key trim and accent features.


As one of our clients, you’ll have a clear idea of how the selected color will enhance and complement the other aspects of your home when your project is finished.